Dress for the lawyer part with clothes from Ann Taylor

Dress like a lawyer and knockout the competition with fashionable and professional clothes from Ann Taylor.

Make a good impact on the clients you represent and help them feel comfortable confiding important information to you. Show them you  can be trusted and are win win lawyer.

Show your credibility and leave a great impression with your fashion style. Consider creating a style around the type of clients you cater. Go for something that  lets them know you are competent and trustworthy and opt for suits from Ann Taylor.

Look extra professional and get Pinstripe One Button Blazer. In a great cut and  perfectly fitted. Made from quality  materials for great everyday wear. Don’t forget you need the matching pants and get The Ankle Pant in Pinstripe – Kate Fit.

You never know maybe the clients that hired you last week did so because of your shoes from Ann Taylor.

Go for ultimate sophistication and opt for elegant Eryn Suede Pumps. Padding provides great feet support and comfort. The shoes that not only look good but are actually for doing lots of waking. The height heel is low and perfect for long days at court. True go to size fit and very comfortable. The pumps pair well with any outfit from dresses to pants.

Dress according to your day at court or office. If you’ll be at the courthouse all day, don’t wear sneakers you still need to look your part. Underdressing might put your professionalism in question. Pay attention to what you wear and go for comfort and professionalism with outfits from Ann Taylor. Before you find a great outfit make sure it fits perfectly and is not too big or too tight. Your  best option is to get tailored clothing.

Consider The Ankle Pant in Seasonless Stretch – Devin Fit. The perfect tailoring without missing a detail for a flattering and professional look. Lightweight and comfortable pants you can wear year-round.

Don’t be afraid to show your personality and add color to your outfits. Stay on top of the competition and add accessories like scarves, necklaces and earrings from Ann Taylor .

Go for a classic and feminine pendant and opt for Pearlized Flower Pendant. Lightweight and comfortable pendant will get you many compliments. Looks great paired with suit pants. It has rings to adjust to the perfect length.

It’s about wearing what what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Head to Ann Taylor and browse for dresses and blazers.

Go for a versatile little dress you can dress up or down and opt for Seasonless Stretch Boatneck Sheath Dress. In a fitted style that is not too tight or too big just perfect. Great stretchy material flatters your body and lets you move comfortably. The perfect dress to wear on your court days. You can add a matching jacket to be office-ready.

Go for a blazer you can wear anytime and go for Seasonless Stretch One Button Perfect Blazer. Lightweight and quality stretch fabric to wear all year long. The long button open sleeves give many options for styling.

Dress for the lawyer part with clothes from Ann Taylor.

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